Melbourne’s NGV (National Gallery of Victoria) showcases both old and new art from Australia and around the world at two locations – the International gallery on St Kilda Road and the Australian Gallery at Federation Square. Each year thousands of visitors pass through the water wall entrance to uncover the gems within, with shows ranging from traditional painting to modern installation art to immersive virtual reality experiences. The galleries are a wonderful place to escape the cold winter weather, so here are our top picks for exhibitions to keep you toasty through the chilly months.

TOP ARTS 2018 (23 March – 15 July)

To see what the next generation of up and coming Australian artists look like, visit the annual Top Arts Exhibition at the NGV’s Ian Potter Gallery. The event showcases the work of VCE students from the previous year who displayed high levels of excellence in their work. The show is always rich and varied, featuring many different themes and mediums, and offering insight a youthful approach to modern art.


This winter, Melbourne will be lucky enough to host some of the world’s best artworks when a collection of over 200 pieces from New Yorks Museum of Modern Art is displayed at the International Gallery on St Kilda Road. MoMA has been a significant part of the evolution of art, exhibiting pieces from the  19th century up until the present day. Over a period of 4 months the NGV exhibit will feature works by the likes of Vincent van Gogh, Paul Cezanne, Paul Gauguin, Pablo Picasso, Salvador Dali, Frieda Kahlo and Jackson Pollock, Roy Liechtenstein and Andy Warhol. The exhibition will also include pieces by 21st century artists such as Olafur Eliasson, Andreas Gursky, Kara Walker and El Anatsui. Book ahead to avoid what are sure to be long queues.

THE FIELD REVISITED (27 April – 26 August)

This exhibition will see the return to the NGV of a 1968 exhibition, which featured abstract minimalist artists breaking new ground in the 1960s. The original exhibition celebrated the opening of the St Kilda Road International gallery in the same year, a major step for the Australian curatorial industry. You can expect bright colours and strong geometries in this thought-provoking exhibition, which was controversial in its original erection just as it is today. Visit the exhibition if you are interested in challenging questions about what art can be.

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