Pet Friendly Accommodation

Nothing makes friends out of strangers like pets. It’s unlikely that you’ll take your pooch out for a stroll without forging a friendship with a fellow owner (and with their pet!). Williamstown has an especially lively pet owner community, providing much opportunity for animals and their human companions to enjoy what the scenic town has to offer. When visiting Williamstown there are pet friendly accommodation options available at City West Accommodation

Off Leash Areas

You will find a number of off-leash walking zones in the Hobsons Bay area, so your dog can explore its full olympic potential or socialise with the locals. 12 designated off-leash districts are available, including park, lake and beach locations. Newport Lakes is recommended if you are after a touch of tranquility in nature. If you and your pet prefer a sandy stroll and a paddle in the shallows, Williamstown Beach allows dogs on leashes between 10am and 9:30pm from 1 November to 30 April and Altona Beach allows pets off leash between these dates. See HBCC Dog Mapfor a full list of locations.

Accommodation in Williamstown

Williamstown also provides an abundance of pet-friendly accommodation for long of short term stays, so if you are wishing to visit, your pet is welcome too! City West Accommodation has a number of pet friendly accommodation options available, of varying types and sizes to suit your needs.

Pet Accommodation

Facilities such as Hairy Hounds and Hobsons Bay Pet Care also provide pet friendly accommodation for you pet when you don’t want to leave them home alone. Hairy Hounds hosts regular events as well as puppy classes, providing an opportunity for you to meet the community and for your pooch to make some friends.

There’s nothing worse than leaving your beloved animal companion at home when they could be out enjoying your holiday with you. Williamstown offers an opportunity to get involved in the community and for your pet to come too. Please see the latest Hobsons Bay Dog Walking Map below.

Hobsons Bay Dog Map

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The Strand Walking Path in Williamstown